Walking to Destiny Book - Bundle of 10
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Walking to Destiny Book - Bundle of 10

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As a business owner, you know your business will eventually change hands. But will your transition occur on your terms and timeline? Financial advisors estimate that 80% of an owner’s net worth is locked in their businesses. Yet, when the time comes, most owners end up liquidating instead of selling because they lack a clear growth strategy.

Veteran entrepreneur and CEO of the Exit Planning Institute Christopher Snider brought forty years of experience in corporate finance and leadership to his five-star rated 2016 edition of Walking to Destiny. In this revised, updated, and expanded edition, he brings even more depth to his paradigm-changing work.

While most business thinkers focus on the endgame, Snider demonstrates that your successful exit is based on what you do now to unlock the value trapped in your business. His Value Acceleration Methodology will give you the steps to accomplish the exit planning necessary to make you five to ten times wealthier.